About Raw Dog Bones...



Raw bones are great metal stimulation and provide excellent oral health benefits to our companions. It is recommend that you select a bone equal to or larger than the head size of your dog to avoid choking hazards.

There are a lot of options about raw beef bones for your canine companion. Love 'em or hate 'em were are here to supply them. That being said we encourage you to closely monitor your pets activity with the bones. In the even the bone becomes chipped, or cracked please toss it out. Never cook or bake the bones. It is safe and encouraged to keep the bones frozen until your pet would like to play with them. If you canine companion is unfamiliar with raw products it is suggested to introduce play at short intervals of 10 minute or less while their body adjusts. Raw beef is not recommended for puppies under 6 months of age.  As with any toy, direct supervision is suggested. Be aware that the melting dog bone and enthusiastic dogs might leave a print on carpet or interior space. We highly recommend outdoor play with raw bones. 

We aren't Veterinarians so please consult your pet care professional for the best interest of your canine friend if you are concerned.

Ask for this product at our Minneapolis Farmers Market & Excelsior Market Locations!