Customer Reviews

One of the greatest honors in growing our farm is knowing we've helped improve the quality of food families are eating. We love hearing your stories!

Having dedicated repeat customers is the Unparalleled Farms difference


"We LOVE Unparalleled Farms beef! Honestly, I was a bit skeptical on how much difference there could be between their organic pasture raised beef and other conventional grass-fed beef. Well, the difference is dramatic! We will never go back to conventional beef. This beef lives up to its name. It is truly Unparalleled! Tony and Heidi are great to work with. Their standard of excellence shines through in everything they do. We love knowing where our food comes from and we are customers for life."  - Randi & Nick


"We've purchased from Unparalleled Farms for a couple of years and will be repeat customers for many years to come! There is a noticeable difference in the quality from other farms we've purchased from. The roasts and the ground beef are a favorite in our house, even the picky eaters in our house love it. You will definitely want to stock up on the ground beef for your summer BBQ's!" - Erin N.

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"We have had the privilege of eating both chicken and beef from Tony and Heidi. Both are exceptional. The ground beef is our favorite as we use that the most. Very lean! We are very pleased with the variety of cuts we received with the quarter we bought. My son calls it our "special" meat. It really is special! Thank you Tony and Heidi for providing amazing beef and for being mindful while doing it." - Jeana P. 


"Beef, chicken, lamb, and even soap, we love it all! As a natural healthcare practitioner, feeding my family the best quality food is incredibly important and it doesn't get any better than the meat we get from Unparalleled Farms!" - Dr. Kelly