Unparalleled Farms brings fresh, delicious, pasture raised beef, lamb, chicken and eggs to your family. We began sharing our beef with friends and family in 2014, and are excited to part of the Minnesota's Largest Farmers Market in Minneapolis off Lyndale Avenue!


Our Beginning

After years as a quality award winning certified organic dairy farmer, the transition to raising beef cattle was born out of a desire to feed our own family and friends with humanely and organically raised beef. The commitment to delivering the highest quality product continues on, just in a different form. We began sharing our beef with friends and family in 2014. People have fallen in love with the quality and taste of the products we provide. We had participated in farm direct sales for a few years before expanding to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market in spring of 2017.


“The beef from Unparalleled Farms is by far the most delicious I've ever had. You must try the chuck roast and the ribeye steak - you will not be disappointed! ”

— Tracy from Maple Grove, MN


Tony Welti raised USDA certified organic dairy cattle from 2007 to 2014 in West Central Wisconsin and transitioned into pasture raised beef. The beef animals are the male offspring of certified organic dairy cows. The steers are raised on fresh organic pastures where they get plenty of exercise and sunshine. Since the beef animals are mainly grass-fed, their meat is extra lean and extra healthy. You don’t have to worry about growth hormones in this meat. These steers are fed the same high quality feed as the organic dairy cows (free of GMO’s, and synthetic chemicals). In 2016 we moved the livestock to Plainview, Minnesota.


Why Buy from Unparalleled Farms?

There are several compelling reasons to purchase directly from the farmer. You can feel confident when you stock your freezer with homegrown pasture grazed beef. Your decision not only supports local farming, but also reduces the demand for “feed lot, factory farming” the conventional (grocery store) method. Every pound of beef you bring to your plate from this purchase makes a positive impact to a farmer, to a community, to the environment and to your health. Our beef purchasing options are promised to deliver you the highest quality beef on the market at the lowest possible price.

All beef is custom processed and aged at a USDA certified and inspected facility. 

Please email info@unparalleledfarms.com or use the contact tab to recieve an email on current pricing and availability.