Unparalleled Farms is proud to bring farm fresh pasture raised beef, lamb and eggs to your family. We began sharing our farm products with friends and family in 2014 and have now expanded to be part of the Minnesota's largest Farmers Market in Minneapolis off Lyndale Avenue!

We'll help you take back the dinner table!


Why Buy from Unparalleled Farms?

At Unparalleled Farms we understand the importance of simple high quality, homegrown food. We originated our products to take the guess work out of what you put on your table. We follow organic farming practices and pasture-raise our animals. Our livestock are free of artificial hormones, antibiotics and implants. Our livestock are fed non-GMO grains and hay to ensure their health. Visit our booths in the concessions area at the Minneapolis Farmers Market Annex, East Isles, and Excelsior Farmers Market for the full selection of custom dry aged beef, lamb (seasonal) and eggs and ready to eat fresh burgers (Minneapolis only) for the 2018 market season. Unparalleled Farms – Farm to table for your family.

All beef is custom processed and aged at a USDA certified and inspected facility. 

Please email info@unparalleledfarms.com or use the contact tab to recieve an email on availability.


“The beef from Unparalleled Farms is by far the most delicious I've ever had. You must try the chuck roast and the ribeye steak - you will not be disappointed! ”

— Tracy from Maple Grove, MN


Our Beginning

Tony Welti raised USDA certified organic dairy cattle from 2007 to 2014 in West Central Wisconsin and transitioned into pasture raised beef. Our steers are raised on fresh  pastures where they are free to roam in the sun and shade and get plenty of exercise. Since the beef animals are mainly grass-fed, their meat is extra lean and extra healthy. Our steers are fed the same high quality feed as organic dairy cows (free of GMO’s, and synthetic chemicals) and are never implanted or given growth hormones. In 2016 we moved the livestock to the family farm in Plainview, Minnesota.


After years as a quality award winning certified organic dairy farmer, the transition to raising beef cattle was born out of a desire to feed our own family and friends humanely and organically raised beef. The commitment to delivering the highest quality product continues on, just in a different form. We began sharing our beef with friends and family years ago. People have fallen in love with the quality, taste and integrity of the products we provide.  From grain to butcher this is family farm raised. We look forward to sharing this journey with you. Welcome to Unparalleled Farms!

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